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In autumn the leaves turn brown,
Some turn golden like a crown,

The winds get stronger day by day,
Shaking the barley and stirring the hay.
Then there’s Halloween, that’s great fun,

With lots of sweets, chocolate and buns.

Autumn 2009Autumn 2009Autumn 2009Autumn 2009

Crab apple jam and jelly,
Brown leaves and evergreen,
Toasting chestnuts at Halloween.
Autumn winds are blowing,
deciduous trees are sowing,
Rosehips, plums, blackberries,
A change from strawberries and cherries.
So hold on to your hats,
And watch out for black cats

Autumn 2009Autumn 2009

Red, orange, yellow, gold and brown,

The colours that cover up winter’s dreary old gown,

That hangs over the land.

The summers beaches fun and sand,

Are all gone for a break?

Leaving autumn in its wake

The leaves are falling,

And covering the ground,

People picking wild fruit,

And they all make fruit jam,

Hedgehogs and squirrels,

Eating more food.

Autumn is fun,

Autumn is cold

People jump on leaves,

They crunch and crackle underfoot.

The leaves are falling

While the wind is calling

As you know

The summer must go

So don’t be sad

It’s not that bad

The children have fun

As they chase the leaves

In the autumn breeze

Making jam so sweet

For autumn’s treat

But the autumn must go

For the winters snow.

We go back to school in autumn

Swallows go to Africa.

Some animals hibernate.

Squirrels collect acorns for winter.

The leaves fall off the trees.

Autumn is cold,

Autumn is fun,

Out in my garden I run and run,

In for the homework,

And when it is done,

We’ll go out again,

In the autumn sun.

I like autumn, the leaves fall off the trees.

I like raking up the leaves and jumping on them.

Some birds migrate to a warmer country.

School starts up again. Animals hibernate- that means they go to sleep for the winter.

My birthday is in autumn.


Autumn is a time when leaves fall off the trees, and it usually becomes a lot more windy. Halloween comes and when you stand on the leaves they crackle.

In autumn there is lots of fruit on the trees and there are no leaves on them. Squirrels collect acorns for winter and school starts.

Autumn is in between summer and winter. Animals hibernate in autumn. Leaves fall off the trees and running children crunch them.

See photos of the school grounds in Autumn

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