david's car page

My name is David ,
My favourite sport is gaelic football and snooker.
My favourite car is the Enzo Ferrari five litre v 8 twin injection.
My farourite moto cross bike is the Yamaha 450 and the Dukati 250 four into one exhaust system.
But my favourite thing of all at the moment is go-carting .
And I like to do a bit of driving and I like it when Jan gets stuck in the van because I have to drive it out. My dream motor bike wood be a Triumph rocket 2.5 litre. My first time driving was when I was at party in Whitegate and there was a man at the party and I said to him I can drive but I really could not. Then he said come on and drive so we went to the car and I tried to drive but I could not. He taught me how to drive and I was driving for a long time that day. So that was how I learned how to drive when I was aged 7. I am aged 13 and I am getting good at it.

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