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Miss Ryan's Classes

Welcome to our page. We have so much to share with you from our first term in school. It has been a really busy term and the children have learned so much. Our new arrivals are well settled in now and our senior infants and first class have been brilliant at showing them the ropes.

First class have been completing a reading challenge and they get a token for every book they read. During September and October they read over 40 books between them. They then got to choose how to redeem the tokens and they chose a nature walk with a stop at the local shop! They love D.E.A.R time (Drop Everything And Read) and reading their books in our cosy library.

library 2

For the month of September we prepared for the ‘funky fingers’ Aistear station by discovery lots of different activities. Have a look at our pictures to see them in action. We practised counting, searched for letters and built words. Juniors learned how to write their names on whiteboards and blackboards and seniors refreshed their memories. First class practised writing short stories on their boards. We also practised tying shoelaces, and wow, you should see how many of our class can now tie shoelaces! We even got to use playing cards to practise sorting patterns and counting.

snakesandladders    bead    hama     dice     counting

tying    words    letters    maths     patterns

Aistear is a brilliantly busy hour every morning that the children have been very enthusiastic about. We started October by learning about construction. The children learned how to build things from Lego and playdough, and at the sociodramatic area they used different tools to fix things like cars, lorries and pipes. We also built some jigsaws and learned the names of different construction vehicles such as diggers, cranes, dumpers and bulldozers.

 tools       fixing    digger    digger2

We then moved on to autumn and Halloween. Thank you for the autumn resources the children gathered (and to the grown-ups who helped them) we had an amazing array of autumn resources. Having such a large selection of leaves, chestnuts, pine cones, acorns etc. to work with allowed me to bring our autumn topic into every part of your child's learning. With your support we can make our learning so much fun and far more visually stimulating. It’s way more interesting seeing things in real life than just looking at them in a book!

Below are some of the ways we worked with our autumn/Halloween resources.

        sand     spider     witches house

pumpkins  pine cones  

We were also very busy working on our artwork. We’ve been exploring different materials and textures such as crepe paper and felt, and you should see some of the things we’ve been painting with. Look closely at the art boards in our hallway and you might see some examples of tools we used. Did you know you can paint with pom-poms and cotton ear buds?!

owl babies
bat 1  bat 2

We have been getting active during class when Ms Ryan gets a little sleepy, or even when she’s too excited and needs to burn off some energy! That’s when the children ask to do ‘Go Noodle’. Our favourite one is ‘Banana, banana, meatball’, go on look it up, you know you want to! We always follow our activity with some mindfulness and relaxation.

Just before midterm break we started gymnastic classes on Wednesdays. You won’t believe the kinds of things we’ve been doing right in our own classroom, forward/backward rolls, cartwheels and dancing to name a few. It has been brilliant and the children thoroughly enjoy the hour. Their gymnastics coach has been teaching the children such great tips and they are improving every week. See them in action in the photos below.

gymnastics  gymnastics 2

We are already in full swing with our November ‘Space’ theme and I hope you are all enjoying the many rockets, space stations and astronauts the children are bringing home! Thank you to everyone for all the recyclable materials for their junk art, we have a big box full of materials now. While we have plenty for our ‘Space’ theme, December will be ‘Santa’s workshop’ and the children will all be elves getting ready for Christmas, so there is plenty of time to gather some bits that will be useful. Check back at the end of the month to see some of our photos from November!

P.S Don’t forget to ask your child what their job is each week as we change the jobs every Monday. They have been working hard at their jobs and have found some they love and some they don’t like that much but our classroom runs more smoothly because of it, which helps everyone.

Classroom jobs: calender captains, librarians, messenger, Clean-up crew, bathroom monitor, door holder, line leader, line ender, light technician, table captains and bell ringers.