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President Obama's visit to Moneygall May 23rd 2011

It was a day I will always remember when I went to see Mr Obama and his wife Michelle. My family and I went to Moneygall, close to where my Mom lived when she was growing up. I am both an Irish and American citizen. I was born in America and now live in Ireland. We were very lucky as we got the last few tickets to see him. There was a lot of security and secret service and it took a long time to get through it all. The last security check point was just like going through the airport.

Then we got to the railing along the street. There were only 3000 people allowed into Moneygall to see him. He was arriving in a helicopter and landing in the hurling field. There were a few helicopters in the sky and every time the crowd saw one they cheered as they thought it was him. Then about 3pm he finally arrived, five helicopters in all. He shook hands with people and he held three babies. I remember my cousin Mary Coonan shook his hand and said “Welcome Mr President to Moneygall”. She was so excited she nearly pulled him over the railing.

It was such an exciting day as I also met other famous people. I proudly had my picture taken with our former taoiseach Brian Cowen, he was very nice and wore a lovely suit for the occasion. I also saw TV presenters Charlie Bird and Miriam O’ Callaghan and last but not least I saw Ray Darcy.

After the president's visit everyone was overjoyed and the band “The High Kings” played a concert. It was definitely one of the best days ever for me. And now if I live till I’m ninety I can tell young people about my great experience.

Ava Nolan

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