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Links established with Polish schools

In February 2005, the principal Jim Collins, on a teacher exchange, visited Poland and spent some days teaching in Ilowo-Osada and Bialuti, some 130 km. north west of Warsaw.

In Poland, the children study English from an early age and it was in relation to the teaching of English that the visit was undertaken. The children in Polish schools, from third class up, have different teachers for each subject, unlike in Ireland where the same teacher has responsibility for all subjects.

Another big difference was in the pupil teacher ratio. Here in Mountshannon in February 2005, we have 99 pupils and 4 teachers. In Bialuti, they have 72 children and 14 teachers.

The visit was most interesting. The welcome and hospitality shown by our Polish hosts was overwhelming. One has often heard of 'Ireland of the welcomes'. Well we can certainly also say 'Poland of the welcomes'.

The visit marks the first of what we hope will be enjoyable and mutually beneficial links between our school and these two Polish schools.

Pictures from Bialuti

Ilowo photos

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