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Reading in the school - May 2011

Since we came back to school after Easter children in first class have been reading large picture books at home and at school. Here are some of the books they read and their comments about them.

Do Your Ears Hang Low by Caroline Jayne Church
Caitriona Apsel said; “I liked this book because it’s very funny. It’s a poem to. It’s a cool book”.
Emma O’ Grady said; “I liked this book because it is also a song that I used to sing when I was small”

Bob and Eddie in the Kitchen by Cathy Gale
Ted Brophy said; “The cake looked nice and Eddie looked cute”.
Emma O’ Grady said;” I like this book because I like baking”.
Ronan Bugler said;” It was excellent”.

Ginger Finds a Home by Charolette Voake
Aideen Hickey said;” It’s a funny book. It was great. Ginger found a home".
Eoin Dooley said;” Ginger was a very lucky cat to get a new home and he in the sun all day".

Not Now Bernard by David Mckee
Ronan Dooley said;” I loved this book".

Don’t Put your Finger in the Jelly Nelly by Nick Sharratt.
Ronan Bugler said;”It was very funny".

The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen
Emma O’ Grady said;” I liked this book because the red hen escaped”.

Good Girl Granny by Pat Thompson and Faith Jaques
Allanah Hayes in second class said;” It is funny because the boys toast fell on the floor. Granny sat on the sandwiches. Granny was naughty when she dressed the mop up in teacher’s clothes".

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