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Miss Bohan's Classes

(order of news: newest- oldest) 

Soccer 5-a-side

Both boys and girls competed in the FAI Soccer tournament in Tulla on what was a very wet and windy day. Both teams were very unlucky to miss out on qualifying to the finals, however played brilliantly and did their school v proud!


Hurling mini 7’s

The boys in 5th & 6th Class competed in a mini 7’s hurling tournament on Wednesday last, the 18th of April. The boys were joined with Lakyle NS and played brilliantly in all group matches, beating Tulla, Crusheen and Flagmount convincingly. The boys continued to the finals where they also played exceptionally but lost out to much stronger teams (Kilnamona & Cratloe). Huge congrats to the boys on getting so far and doing us proud!



Energy Day!

The school held an Energy Day on the 18th of April with the aim of using as little energy (heat & electricity) as possible. Everyone dressed in green and 5th & 6th Class also did some energy based experiments for Ms. Ryan’s room (see pics below). Some people however, forgot to bring their green clothes to school, but thankfully Ms. Horan had brought lots of Scarriff gear for them :) 

Look, we got the bulb to light! 


5th Class explaining Static Electricity


The goregously green 5th & 6th Class


 Friday the 13th can often be unlucky for some, but not for the pupils of Iniscealtra NS & Lakyle NS who had a beautiful, spirit-filled day in Whitegate Church. The children worked extremely hard in the weeks coming up to the Confirmation, and with the help of their fellow classmates (5th Class) and created some beautiful pieces of artwork (see below). A huge thanks to everyone for making it such a special day for the children.





Snow Day!

The children had great fun today (12th of February) on yard playing in the snow and making snowmen and women. Here’s some snaps to show how they got on 😊 


5th Class girls with their glamorous Snow woman!


A snowman built by some of 5th and 6th at the front of the school. He didn't last too much longer unfortunately 

St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

Finally, it’s the 1st of February. The children in 5th & 6th Class marked the start of Spring by making St. Bridget’s crosses. We learned about St. Bridget’s day, the cross and what it symbolises (protection for the coming year). We also looked at other traditions as well as the Celtic Year (Imbolg, Bealtaine, Lúnasa, Samhain). The children got stuck in and although tricky at first, the children made some lovely St. Bridget’s crosses as seen below.



 bday 2

 bday 3


Derg Credit Union Quiz

A huge congratulations to all the children who took part in the Derg Credit Union Quiz on the 26th of January. Four teams of 4 represented Iniscealtra N.S in both the A & B Competition. Rhoda Carey, Jack Muggivan, Zoe Geoghegan and Cathal Dooley made up the first team in Competition A, along with Tomás McClearn, Chantal Zevering, Josh Duffy and Caoimhe McClearn who were on the second team in the same competition. Ciara Dooley, Éadaoin O’ Grady, Mark Bugler and Harry Bogenberger represented the school in the B competition along with Feidhlim O Gnimh Chung, Emma Burke, Caoimhe Whelan and Katie Cashman. Well done again to everyone who took part and a big congrats to Rhoda, Jack, Zoe and Cathal who came 3rd in the A competiton.


Christmas Play, sewing and Secret Santa

December was an extremely busy month for 5th & 6th Class. Not only did the children have to finish their Christmas stockings, but they also had to rehearse their Christmas Play ‘The Xmas Factor’. All the children worked really hard (as usual) and put on a great show for everyone to see. On the last day, the children got to give and get their Secret Santa presents to their not so Secret Santa! Here’s some pictures to show all the work and fun that December brought!



The final touches for our Christmas play.


Smiles all around whilst opening gifts.


OMG! Another emoji cushion 😊


 Wishing everyone a happy and merry Christmas for all in 5th & 6th Class!



Guest speakers

Over the month of December, 5th & 6th Class were extremely lucky to have not 1, but 3 guest speakers in! Firstly we had the lovely Grace Wells who did a poetry workshop with the children on the theme of emigration. Grace is a poet and writer from Tipperary who shared her knowledge on the Famine with us, something she is currently writing about for her next book. The children learned about other events that happened during this dark period of time such as the founding of the tri coloured flag which we have today. The children also wrote some great poems which will be displayed in next year’s Mountshannon Art’s festival.


The children were also very fortunate to hear from a local author, Ger Madden, who was so kind in giving up his time to come speak to the children about the Famine and in particular how it affected those in our locality. This really helped us all to understand and relate to what was going on during this tough time, especially to those in the areas we live in. Ger brought in pictures and medals which were passed around the class for all to see, as well as his new book ‘The Annals of the Poor- Scarriff Workhouse Union Counties Clare and Galway 1839-1851'. We are so grateful to Grace and Ger for coming in and helping us learn more about the Famine!


And lastly, moving from History to Science, the children had a visit from Fr. Jones who carried out some very interesting and fun experiments with the children just before the Christmas holidays. The children learned all about various liquids and gases, as well as electricity. Fr. Jones brought in a very old record player and vamp for his final experiment showing that electricity can flow through us to create sound. However, once the circuit  broke (someone drops hands), the sound stops. 



Science Week

During the week of the 13th-17th November, 5th and 6th class carried out various experiments for Science Week. The children completed 4 experiments in total, all of which were given to them as tasks which they had to figure out using the resources and materials given (discovery learning). For example:

1.Task: Blow up a balloon without using your mouth.
   Resources and materials: Balloon, plastic bottle, washing up liquid, vinegar, baking powder, bread soda, water.

Here’s some pictures to illustrate how the children got on.


Fill it up with washing up liquid?

 getting there

Getting there!


Bingo! Although it might not smell the best


Task: Light up a bulb
    Resources/Material: Wires, bulbs, AA battery, AAA battery, C battery.



5th Class girls having a light bulb moment!



     3.    Task: Stick a piece of cardboard to a glass without using glue/cellotape or any sticky substance
          Resources/Materials: Cardboard, glass, a bucket, water, cotton wool, washing up liquid





     4.    Task: Spin a bucket of water over your head without getting wet.
          Resources/Materials: Bucket and water




Is there even water in those buckets?




Congrats boys!

Huge congratulations to all the boys from Iniscealtra N.S and Lakyle N.S who took part in the Divison 5 football final in Cusack Park on Wednesday last, the 8th of November. Although the boys won convincingly in the end, Carron/New Quay/Fanore put up a great battle in extremely tough weather conditions. It’s great to have the title back this side of the county after being so close over the last few years, the last time the school(s) won a football final was in 1992! Comhghairdeas arís to all involved!




The boys from Iniscealtra N.S with the winning shield. Delighted as you can see!

Money, Money, Money

This week, the children have been learning about money and the various types of currency used around the world. Altogether, we gathered 15 different types of old and new notes and coins (see below). The oldest coin on the day was an Old Victorian Crown which dated back to 1890. We also discovered that the Mauritian Rupee (Mauritius) cannot be ripped. Many thanks to all parents and relatives who kindly lent us these notes and coins for the day!


“I can’t rip the Mauritian Rupee, Miss!”



‘Flashing the cash’.



Making sure it’s the real stuff!






All the different notes and coins collected by the children. 


The oldest coin on the day, an Old Victorian Crown dating back to 1890.

Our school census.

On the 26th of October, 5th and 6th Class carried out our very own school census whereby they gathered, interpreted and represented information about all the boys & girls in Iniscealtra N.S through various forms of Data graphs and charts (see below).

Here are some pictures to illustrate all the hard work that went into the graphs, as well as some fun facts which the children found out about the boys and girls in Iniscealtra N.S.

 boys at work

 All hands on deck.



Hard at work

Adding the final touches.


 great work

5th Class girls smiling proudly alongside their magnificent multiple bar chart.

school census

The finished products (l-r bar chart, pie chart, tally sheet, multiple bar chart, line graph x2 and pictogram).

Fun Facts:

  • ·         The most popular age in the school is 5.
  • ·         75% of the pupils live in Mountshannon.
  • ·         Altogether, there are more girls than boys in the school, just by 1.
  • ·         Black is the least popular hair colour.
  • ·         No one travels to school by bus.