Giving at Christmas

5th & 6th Class were delighted to raise money for SVP again this year. This is our 4th year giving our own money to this charity and our teachers will donate it to the local branch to help people in County Clare. We are very proud to donate €200 to the charity this year. Well done all and Happy Christmas.

6th and 5th class’s maths projects

This is a 3D bedroom with wooden furniture

In our maths projects we had to design a bedroom! We could either use our real bedroom a home or use a fictional bedroom. We started with a blank concrete room and we could choose how big the room was, but we couldn’t make it big! We had a budget of €1000. We could use furniture from Argos and IKEA. We had to buy paint. We could either buy carpet or laminate for the floor. We could make a 3D room. We also had to make a mood board, where we could design our room’s style with pictures. We also had to make a floor plan and a detailed budget.

This is a floor plan and mood board, the theme for this mood board was blue
This a 3D representation of a bedroom
This is a floor plan and a detailed budget
This is a floor plan, detailed budget and a mood board. The theme for this mood board is baby pink, baby blue and white

The colour theme was white and grey for this room

Ben Swindlehirst from Munster rugby came to our school to tell us he was coming to teach us how to play rugby after this Christmas and he gave us this gear

Novel Study:Reciprocal Reading 5th & 6th

We are studying the novel The London Eye Mistery by Siobhan Dowd. We used the reciprocal reading strategy. Everybody in the groups have a role.The perdictor has to predict what they think is going to happen.The boss tells everybody what their jobs are.The questioner has to ask questions about the story.The summariser has to summarise what happened in that chapter.The clarifier is someone who looks up a word in the dictionary when others are stuck on a word/sentence.