Something Fishy

Today 5th and 6th class were visited by Something Fishy. They thought us about the Irish environment and the fish in it. They talked about all the fish in Lough Derg, water pollution and invasive species. Some of the invasive species are zebra mussels, hogs weed and Japanese knotweed.

We will be going on a field trip with them sometime around May or June. We will look at all the fish and insects in the rivers


We added a writing table as one of our Aistear areas before Christmas and it has proved to be one of the most popular areas. The children are making massive progress with their writing and love using our selection of markers, pens and fancy paper. Check out some of the writing below. These were created on their own or by asking other children for guidance, mostly without any help from the teachers.

At the Florists

Our theme for February is ‘The Florists’ and we have been having a lot of fun getting creative, and setting up and running our flower shop. You can now purchase bouquets and flower arrangements and we hope to have more options available soon; such as plants and wreaths. Junk Art has been a busy area and the creations are wonderful from bouquets to flower shops. Believe it or not in their first week of business our Florist’s created the bouquets for a wedding and we hosted it in the library area! We can’t tell you yet what the creative area have been doing but check back after Valentine’s day to find out!

Greeter of the week!

Since we came back from the Christmas holidays Ms Ryan’s class have been doing ‘Greeter of the week’. One or two children are the greeters for the week; in the morning we line up before going into class and we select the greeting we want from the menu. We love doing this, what a great way to start the day! It is also loved by the staff and you’ll sometimes find some of the other teachers hanging around our classroom door for a chance at choosing a greeting! #spreadkindness