Barge trip

today 2nd 3rd 4th went to the harbour and we saw 3 barges and we went in all of them . First we went on a barge which was kind of plain  then we went on Aoifes one and it was the best of them . Aoifes was 33m . I think it was build in 19026 and it had such a soft bed then we went to the other boat which I think was the biggest and it was right beside Aofe’s.


Today we went to the  harbour to see a barge.We saw three barges. Barges are boats and they are flat at the bottom so they can carry more cargo and so they can travel on a canal because canals are shallow.Some times mice come on the barge and dogs chase them off   Cats don’t  chase them off because they don’t like water  now a days people spend holidays on barges over the summer instead of using them to carry boxes and cargo

Trip to wood park

Today the 17 of May juniors , seniors , first , second , third and fourth went to wood park our group saw beach trees ash trees and we also found some fly’s on a butter cups.we also picked rhododendrons they can take over a whole forest and we found a feather.




Today we went to wood park with juniors seniors and 1st we went there to look for wild life

we saw leves flowers and caterpillars. Here is a pic


The types of trees we saw were beach and sycamore we also saw a flower called rhododendron

this river flows through wood park


A Visit To Wood Park

Today we went to Wood Park. Juniors to 4th class came with us. It was fun.

We saw lots of bugs & many different types of leaves & trees.

We saw beach leaves, oak leaves, ash leaves, fern & lots more.

We also saw a flower called rhododendron.

Here are some pictures of what we saw.

Trip to wood park

Today the 17/05/2019 we went to wood park with juinors,seniors,first,second,third and fourth.             We saw beach trees,cycamor,ash tree and oak trees. We also found a centipede and maggots.


Today the 17th of May we went to wood park. We went with junior infants  seinior infants and first class we found lots if leaves bugs and trees these are some pictures of what we




the 15 of May second third and fourth planted vegetables in the raise beds in the sensory garden behind the school we planted pees and chives . our carrots and onions have also grown up.