The brown bull of cooly🐂🐂🐂

A student in our school has written a story about the

Brown bull of cooly


Once upon a time ulster was ruled by a king and a

queen called ailill and meabh one day ailill boasted he had the best bull in ulster but Queen meabh was jealous and found a better bull in connacht so she offered its owner 50 heifers for his bull but he said No queen meabh was furious and sent her army to steal it then she sent everyone in connacht to sleep but cu chulainn stayed awake😴❌so he fought 1 warrior every day and each time he won until his blood brother finnbhennach was tricked into coming to fight they fought 3 days🌞 during the day they fought and during the night they helped eachother 🌃on the third day cu chulainn found a magical spear and killed him after that cu chulainn new he was dieing too☠️ so he tied himself to a rock ⛰️and died. eventually queen meabh got the bull but the other bull challenged the brown bull 🐂🐃 and the brown bull won  but then its heart burst💔 finally the king and queen🤴👸were equal. 🏳️🏴


By James bugler