Aromatherapy with Deirdre

Wednesday 16/9/2020, Deirdre, Shay’s mom came to teach us about aromatherapy. She gave us oils for us to smell we all got 4 favourites and she blended all are favorites together and it smelled lovely then she told us some facts about aromatherapy. It was a fun experience most of us could sit down all day listening to her. We asked her some questions and then we started the smelling. Shay was an assistant. We smelt lemon, orange, tea tree, mandarin, bergamot, clove bud and lots of other ones. You could pick 4 favourites and and pour it in to a cup 4 drops of each favourite oil then mix it up put it in the vapor then its done. then you can take of the lid and smell the glorious smell. It lasts for 6 weeks. Then take it home. hope you liked this.