Book club

A girl in 4th had an idea to start a book club lots of people whant to join . The first meeting will be on

wendsday 10th April 2019 on big break .

We will get books from the Library  . Ages 7-12 can join .


St.Caimins Church


1.The church is on a edge of the small town mountshannon .

2.It was build in 1836 in a simple gothic style, and replaced an existing thatched church .

3. Rather confusingly the local church of Ireland church is also named after St.Caimins ,and is to be found in the OSI square to the east R7186 .

4.St. Caimin or Caimins was a bishop abbot of Holy island (iniscealtra) and he may have been the first bishop of Killaloe.

5.His death has been given various dates between 644 and 654 AD


David donoghue

David donoghue came to our school on the 1/4/2019/.David talked to us about his books.David taught us to talk backwards he was very good at it.David gave us certificates for talking and spelling backwards.

Planting carrots

Today we planted carrots it was fun everyone planted one carrot.We first got string  and lollipop sticks then we made the holes in the soil then we put the seeds in the holes . And are onions have sprouted a little bit

1st Confession

Yesterday we did are confession. We did our reconciliation,prayers,and the story of the good shepherd.We sang the little sheep and I’m sorry God.We practiced a lot. sir wanted us to be brilliant.