Artefact lesson

I was in my school we were doing artefacts . yesterday my teacher brought lots of old fashion things it was fun. We looked at a iron, bone, hair trimmer , cauldron , razor sharpener , optic all of that stuff.                 Because we are learning about lots of things .                                                   My teacher brought the things in .   We answered questions on it.    By Charlotte

Making Apple Crumble

Today we made apple crumble. We picked the apples of the tree, we washed the apples and then we all cut them, and we stewed the apples. We put all the ingredients in and put it in the oven. We put ice-cream on the top when it was done. It was very tasty.

Class crest


Today we voted for the best crest made by us.                    We made the crests last week and voted for them today

here they are  1st and 2nd place.

Today the willow tree needed to be fixed because the branches were all over the place. So we tied the branches together with string.

Community Games

Matthew Ryan competed in the Aldi Community Games  Long Puck Competition in UL Limerick this year. He competed against 28 other boys from all over Ireland. Matthew did extremely well and came home with silver. Well done Matthew, we are very proud of you.

The Buren

On the 24th of June, 5th and 6th class went to the Burren for their school tour.

There they got to pick four activities

experience over the two days that they spent there.

  • rock climbing
  • Caving
  • orentering/per jumping


They were all fun but peir jumping and caving was the best .

Caving was dark but fun at one time we had to go though a small space the space was five feet long we were crawling on our body and are head was sideways. There were really big water falls.

peir jumping was fun but cold the peir was really high.

The Burren was really fun