Autumn Seeds

When we were out picking blackberries for jam. I found some ash tree seeds. I took some of the seeds off so I could show some people at school. We discovered that they were called Ash keys. They looked a bit like helicopters from the sicamore tree.


A trip to Seed Savers

On the 19/9/2019 fifth and sixth went to Seed Savers

We did apple tasting,woodland activities and we made yummy apple juice.

We did lots of things and it was fun. Thanks so much to Aine, Liz and Gemma for a great day.

Artefact lesson

I was in my school we were doing artefacts . yesterday my teacher brought lots of old fashion things it was fun. We looked at a iron, bone, hair trimmer , cauldron , razor sharpener , optic all of that stuff.                 Because we are learning about lots of things .                                                   My teacher brought the things in .   We answered questions on it.    By Charlotte

Making Apple Crumble

Today we made apple crumble. We picked the apples of the tree, we washed the apples and then we all cut them, and we stewed the apples. We put all the ingredients in and put it in the oven. We put ice-cream on the top when it was done. It was very tasty.