Winners of the poetry contest

Some of our sixth class students recently entered a poetry contest for the Mountshannon Arts Festival. The winners of the contest were Chantal Zevering and Anù Ní Chuinnieagèin with their poem, Nature Walk, and Zoe Geoghegan with her poem, Wings. Anù, Chantal and Zoe have agreed to let us share their poems on the blog.

I wish I had wings to soar the sky,
to whizz around and learn to fly.

I wish I had wings so I could go,
to places far like Tokyo.

I wish I had wings so I could go and see
all the places I could be.

I wish I had wings to feel free
to fly around and feel like me.

Oh, there’s many reasons why,
if only I could fly.


Nature Walk;
Walking in the leaves, crunch-crunch-crunch.
The wind blows through the trees, rustle-rustle-rustle.
I hear the bird singing, chirp-chirp-chirp.
The dear run by, swoosh-swoosh-swoosh.
The guns go in the distance, bang-bang-bang.
Raindrops fall from the trees, drip-drip-drip.
I hear the children scream, giggle-giggle-giggle.
I hear people walking, STOMP-STOMP-STOMP.

– Anù and Chantal

The winds are howling

the water is humming

the trees are swaying

the winds are coming

the winds have come and are wrecking havoc

that dreadful day lives were took

The winds have gone without a doubt

but they will remember the winds of the South






This blog post was made by Max.B. and Áine.S.